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How to Measure Straight Pews

Figure 1 Figure 2
LENGHT             WIDTHFigure 3

To determine the lenght (Figure1), using a steel tape measure, measure along the back of the pew seat from inside end to inside end. If the pew has a center divider, measure each section separately from the pew end to the divider. Record the lenght to the nearest one quarter inch.
To determine the width (Figure2), measure from the back corner of the seat where (seat & back meet) to the start of the radius at the front edge. If the radius is large (Figure3), then measure half way down the radius.
How to Measure Curved Pews and Altar Rails
Most curved cushions require a paper template. This is necessary to determine the radius of the curve and the angles of the ends. The best way to do this would be starting with a roll of paper 8 to 12 inches wider and also longer than the pew.
Lay the paper in the pew over-lapping the back and ends.
With a marker, trace the back of the seat (where seat & pew back meet) and the ends. This will give you the curve and total lenght.
Trim off the excess paper in the back and ends. Then you can trim the front.
Measure the pew width (front to back) and make it on the pattern. The front trim of the paper does not have to be 100% accurate.
How to Measure Pews or Altar Rails with Angled or Mitered Ends
If angled on both ends follow directions above for making a template.
If angled One End only, furnish the measurement:
Total lenght of the front of the cushion (right to left) and also the total lenght of the back of the cushion (right to left).
Also the measurment of the width (front to back), is necessary.