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Cushion Information

We custom manufacture our cushions to your specifications. The optimal standard thickness is 2". This works best for most pews and altar rails. However we can vary this under special circumstances to meet specific needs.
Self-covered fabric buttons will be used for Button Tufting. They are attached by a strong Nylon Twine running through the cushion. Button Tufting, which is standard on all seating and most kneeling cushions, hold the filling and fabric cover together, so you don't have the unsightly rolling of the cover.
The cushions are made to the exact width (front to back) and length (right to left) of your pew. The cushion fits snuggly between the ends of the pew. Our cutters carefully follow your measurements and specifications. Our sewers and upholsterers take great pride and care in their work in order to produce a quality cushion.
Because it's a custom fit, there is usually no need to fasten them to the pew. You'll find they stay in place just fine and will be fully reversible for longer wear. Most pew cushions are 4 way reversible...front to back flipped and left to right.
Cushions when made as above are guaranteed for 15 years to keep their shape and maintain their comfort (will not bottom out). All workmanship, fabric and filling are guaranteed under normal care and use.
How to Furnish your Church or Organization with Abbott Hall Cushions:

Our cushions are sold through your local Church Furnishing retail stores, Church Interior Designers and Religious Bookstores. This enables you to work with people in your own community, people you know and trust and who are trained to understand your needs.

This way you can get personalized service and answer all you questions.
They can help in selecting the right fabric and color, as well as in obtaining the correct measurements. We work closely with these professionals and offer our expertise on any questions or problems that arise.